Guidance –  healing – coaching – baby communication

Individual guidance and healing sessions

Do you want to go further in your personal and spiritual developement?
Anyone of us can find guidance with her inner wisdom. By connecting to your higher self you can get answers to all those little or big questions you may be asking yourself.

Do you want support for the first steps of communication with your higher self ?
My support is to help you to learn how to communicate with your higher self. Whether you have professional or personal questions, want to know something about health or relationship issues – we will listen to your inner guidance and heal energetic imbalances at the same time.
This communication can be done for you or for the exchange with your baby.

My offer

Option 1: Guidance and healing

In an individual session, I conntect with your higher self and share the information with you. At the same time, I liberate energetic limitations or blocking points. We work on the topics or questions that you have, and also on those that are priority from the point of view of your higher self.
The price for one healing session is 90 € (60 minutes.)

Option 2: Communicate with your higher self

The session « Guidance and healing » is followed up by two more sessions during which you will learn how you can communicate with your higher self. You will learn how to ask and how to understand the answers you receive. This way you will become intuitive in this communication method. You will also learn basics for your own energetic healing.

The price for three sessions is 250 €. 

Option 3: Communicate with your baby

For the communication with your baby, you can either chose a single session, during which I connect with your baby in order to let you know what she has to communicate, or you can chose a coaching that is done in three sessions to learn how to communicate intuitively with her. This kind of communication can be done during pregnancy and also in the first 18 months of life. You can ask concrete questions regarding daily life issues, and we will leave space for your baby to expess what is most important for her.

The price for one session (45 minutes) is 60 € or 150 € for three sessions.

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