Listen to what your baby wants you to know and learn to communicate with your baby’s soul on order to better understand his / her behaviour and needs.


Learn how to communicate with your inner wisdom and get free of any potential blocking points that could hinder you in this process.

Get connected to your soul and tap into the wisdom of the universe and its guidance.


Do you want to find your way? Are you looking for happiness and well-being?


I want to support you to get into contact with your inner wisdom and to learn how to receive its messages intuitively.

The offer

Individual sessions

Learn to listen to your intuition and liberate yourself of energetic limitations that could hinder you in this process.

Communication seminars

Learn to communicate with your baby
Learn to connect with your higher self

About me

My name is Karen Sachau. I am a trainer, coach and energetic healer. I am passionate about personal development, healing, and a balanced life.

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