About me

My name is Karen Mareike Sachau. I am a trainer, coach, and energetic healer. I would also describe myself as a student in the « School of life ».


I am passionate about personal developement, healing, communication, and well-beeing. I feel inspired by the citation of Ghandi to “be the change that you want to see in the world”.  I am enthousiastic to share my knowledge, tools and methods, that I have learned along the way.


I love doing guidance sessions, during which I encounter people who get into contact with their higher self, and by this process get their life aligned with their soul purpose. Those are beautiful encounters, I learn about magnificent projects, that can change a lot in the world, as they are done with love, heart and soul. I have also understood that most important is that people become intuitive in this process – this is why I want to support you in learning this method.


As a mum of two wonderful beings, I have done a lot of research around positive parenting. This way I got to know baby communication. I have written a book about this method and my experiences (in German for the moment). I feel the call to support (future) parents to make this method part of their parenting skills. There are so many things, that babies want us to know… let’s listen to them!

My experience



The topic of « communication » has been part of my life all along my studies and my professional experiences. After studies of communication and intercultural communication, I became a professional communication trainer and coach.


In parallel I have learnt different methods of energetic healing, which I have been using for ten years.  

My dream

For years I have searched for information and methods on wellbeing and happiness, always thinking „that there must be more“ and that there must be another reality.


I am conviced that we can create ourselves this new reality, a life where we are in the right place contributing to something « bigger“.


Communication with our higher self can contribute to this objective. We can identify blocking points and find solutions, and when we act according to inner guidance, we will feel inner peace and happiness.


  • Why am I here, and what for?

  • What is good and right for me?

  • How can I contribute?

  • What is my soul mission ?


… are a few questions that we can answer by communicating with our soul.

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