Learn how to communicate with the soul of your baby, in order to understand his behaviours and needs better.

Baby communication

It is possible to communicate with your baby before he has learned to speak. This way you can understand what he has to tell you, which are the questions he wants to ask, what he would like to change in his life or if he has any specific needs.


What does your baby want to tell you?

As parents we ask ourselves many questions : Why is our baby crying ? Why does she not sleep ? Is she happy ? Is there something else she wants to tell us ? Is there something we could change in our behaviour or the daily schedule ?

The principle of positive parenting is to raise your child by listening to her, giving her respect and unconditional love. What if we could show her this unconditional love by communicating with her even before she learns how to speak ?


A source of self-confidence for parents

Being able to exchange with our baby, is a source of self-confidence as a parent. This way we find answers to our parenting questions in the very relationship with our baby instead of looking for answers in the outside.

Do you want to communicate with your baby ?

This method of communication allows to exchange with your baby, by connecting to his soul : It can be done either by me connecting to your baby and transmitting his message, or by coaching you, so that you become intuitive in this kind of communication, and can connect with him on a daily basis.

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